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I bow.

I bow to all who have come before. To the thousands of years of yogis, the askers of questions and seekers of freedom and peace, thank you. I am grateful to sit in this web, held by the ferocious threads of eons of teachings that catch my breath and my bones when I feel I am falling, and coming to pieces. To the beginning, middle, end, and bare dream of another round of this story that I will write and destroy time and again in the course of this life, I am humbled.

I bow to the speakers of truth. To those who have said what is unkempt and dissonant, thank you. I am grateful to live in an age of such raw dissolution that we must build up our participatory love and capacity from the bottom. Each act, gesture, and vote, no matter what has come before, is a move forward into another circle ’round the sacred mountain. I recognize that my ancestors did what they could with what they had, and am honored to carry the basket of opportunity I have been presented in this twenty-first century, even when it feels colluded with technological cacophony and an overpopulated planet, struggling for breath. Now, as it always has been, is the time for healing, and I believe that 7 plus billion of us can commit, and make yoga and good reparation.

I bow to the open plains of the next moment, centuries, and generations. To those who will come forth from us and from the wellspring, who will stand with love in the face of destruction, thank you. I promise to do what I can with all that I recognize I have. And thank you for forgiveness for anything missed in the fray. May my acts today settle wounds within me and incite joy so that the next story circle can tell a fresh tale.

Sat Nam. Peace, Suki