Seven Years of Shree

Many of us experience life in measurements of gains and losses. Time, elusive and fleeting is the ribbon that strings these moments together and measures the distance between. And, whether approved of or not, all things that begin must come to an end, both stages along the way marked on the thread of time. Knowing that all things will end, it is our nature to celebrate the continuation of that which is, while it continues to be. Celebrating life with each passing anniversary of birth while acknowledging what has come to pass in the days between is a favorite past time for adults and children alike. Same goes for the anniversary celebrations of important days and the monumental moments of our lives we deem worth keeping track of.
The 13th of July marks the day Shree Yoga Taos opened its doors with the mission to serve our community, and seven times now we have crossed over the threshold of this marked moment acknowledging the gravitas this simple action has had on many lives. In Buddhism there is a practice known as right livelihood, or the act of making a living with actions that are life enhancing rather than destructive. Though yoga is rooted in the ancient teachings of Hindu practices, the Buddhist practice of right livelihood is very much at the heart of the intent to serve up yoga. This is understandable when considering that the lifestyle of a yogi is in so many ways a map that enhances ones ability to more clearly understand and choose that which is life enhancing, that the curious mind does not need to ask too many questions to make the leap of connecting these dots. And so at Shree for the past seven years we have done our best to serve our community in a way that is life enhancing. And once again we have the great good fortune to continue to celebrate right livelihood and positive contribution to our community as Shree celebrates completing its seventh year of service.
Over these past seven years the walls of Shree have held with love many weary and tired souls. The floor has supported numerous brave leaps into new walks of life. Teachers have challenged boundaries to be reexamined, pushed, made stronger, and/or dissolved altogether. The community has embraced the diversity of those who have found the practice to benefit their wellbeing and in that diversity also cultivated more unity as we all looked beyond that which separated us and into that which we shared. Shared breath has carried many through difficult to navigate terrain, silent losses, heartbreaking grief, as well as the stories that make life more flavorful and robust. Laughter and delight has filled the space so palpably that corks jumped out of champagne bottles of their own accord. And mostly, gratitude like time, continues to mark and measure each passing day with reminders of what has been gained and what has been surrendered. 

So on this our seventh birthday it is with deep respect for your intrinsic beauty that we honestly wish to thank you all for being a part of our livelihood, our community, and the many flavors of the measurements of time that we celebrate today. May we be lucky enough to continue to enjoy all that Shree has to offer, together, for many more years to come.

With love, always, in all ways, for giving, in joy,



One thought on “Seven Years of Shree

  1. True words and and honor to practice with you whenever we are in town. Thank you. We are glad you are part of our taos community and our practice.

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