Inside, Out

There are many powerful gifts bestowed upon the regular yoga practitioner as a result of their committed practice. One of the most life enhancing qualities is gift that teaches us to move from the inside, out. Turning the experience from one where we compare ourselves to the world around us into one that honors our innate beauty, vibrancy, skills, and limitations with love. 

Using the potent thread of the breath, awareness can penetrate deeply into the innermost layers of ones being. Beyond the veils of the flesh, muscles, connective tissues, and fluids of the gross body into the universe of the vibrant subtle body and even more deeply submerged into relationship with the seed of consciousness itself. Getting to taste the Amrita, or the sweet nectar of consciousness is so life enhancing, so flavorful and sweet, so lustrous and rich that it beckons one to return again and again. In the dance with the breath we learn how to follow its grace step by step, how to let the beauty of consciousness lead the way, how to breath into what is and breath out satisfied.

With the breath as guide the exploration of the inner body culminates with arrivals on distant and unknown shores, spacious and beautiful, craggy and wind blown, wild and free. Exploring these new found places leads to cultivation of the tools that enables arriving at these scenes of wild and unlimited freedom more regularly. And, even when it is only a glimpse of the slightest new shades of color in a regularly witnessed skyline, our hearts delight in the presence of an expanded and enhanced view. From simple postures like Tadasana to more complex poses, moving from the inside out, the subtle body to the gross body, the intention to the action, culminates in an experience that is authentic, rewarding, and satisfying no matter the experience one is having beyond the surface of the skin. Such is the gift of the practice to the dedicated practitioner; peace and ease, joy and contentment, steadiness in storms, and freedom amidst limitation.
Enjoy the journey!

With love, always, in all ways, for giving,



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