A prayer for a day such as winter solstice, when the sun stands still.

May all beings be safe and protected.

In your journey of seeking, of learning and digesting, be wary of those people, practices, and promises that offer certainty, for it is not a natural part of the process. Certainty is not a part of process at all. The best I can present is a guess, a prayer for growth and betterment through consistency and practice. The only absolute is that nothing is, and nothing is a concept we can barely give life to. In the organic world, all is in flux, steadily changing shape, form, and identity through life’s cycle. By dissolving the edges of form, the Universe provides consistency in her shifting footholds on reality. A boundless vessel can never truly be filled, nor depleted.

May all beings be healthy and strong.

I believe we can look to the steady currents of nature for assuredness and when we forget, we ask to be reminded. There is benefit in knowing that all is well. A day like today, when the sun pauses on track, still for the slightest moment, is as close I can imagine ever coming to absolute anything. The moment is fleeting, but real. And in taking pause in the breath, (antara kumbhaka at the top of inhalation, or bahya kumbhaka at the base of exhalation), we emulate the enterprise of stillness while still in life. Amazing.

May all beings be peaceful and happy.

Begin with just a moment, a whispered retention of breath’s movement and course. As you become more comfortable, the invitation to pause for longer will present itself. Wait for the call, honoring the limitations that a body has (at least in the beginning), for such powerful exercise in reservation. Life is a precious and moveable feast. Remember that holding your breath is not a casual practice and to be entertained with a good guide, clean fresh air, and an attitude of non-attachment.

May all beings be well.

My prayer for today is to find stillness at the center of all the movement.

Love, Suki


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