Dusting Out The Cobwebs

Have you ever thought you saw something in the dark in your house and then rather than get up to go look at it you stayed in bed, or asked your sweetheart to check it out? Rather than face your fear, were you paralyzed by it? We all do this because we have an ingrained way of being that has us believe that beyond the corner in the darkness is something that will hurt us rather than something that will serve us.
This kind of fear persists and we resist opening the door to see what is on the other side out of fear. It becomes a circumcessant cycle, repeating and repeating, over and over again. Wether we like it or not resistance is persistent. A physical injury will continue to rear it’s ugly head until it is met with tenderness and healing. A injurious thought will wreck havoc on a life until it is met with one that is more spacious and more allowing. A painful emotion will continue to hold us in attachment until we allow ourselves the freedom to surrender. The practice of yoga invites us to move beyond the resistance and into the peace that dwells beneath the stories we tell, the poses that cause discomfort, and the treasures we avoid out of fear.

Just as we all experience fear we want to run from, we also want to feel better. We don’t just want to feel better, we want to be better. And just as much as we have the opportunity to avoid our fears we also have the opportunity to rise above that which limits us. The opportunity to be more courageous and more peaceful people is always within our reach. We all have a darkness in us, a shadow, secrets, hurts, pains, and stories we do not want to reveal. When left alone for too long these aspects of ourselves become like rooms in a haunted house. Dark, full of cobwebs, scary to enter. We forget that in that room, beyond our resistance and beneath the dust and the cobwebs is a treasure, a gift that rises out of the darkness. This gift, under the pain, under the sadness, under the resistance, is peace. We first must be willing to go into those dark places and shine light into them to clear them out while we sit with the discomfort and the resistance. It is on the other side of sitting with what is, that we find peace. The fact is that life is to short to wish any of it away.

The next time you are on your mat and the fear arises, know you are amidst an opportunity to refine your skills of courageousness, deepen your breath and do not let the fear paralyze you. The next time you are on your mat and you feel yourself resisting the opening because of the discomfort, is an opportunity to dive into your breath and sit with the discomfort, on the other side is the reward of more opening and space. This kind of work on the mat will translate off the mat. And, over time you may find that rather than becoming paralyzed by a fear of an old story, you instead catch yourself in the process of falling into the circumcessant cycle while you deepen your breath, diving into the discomforts owing on the other side is something more. This is where the jewels and fruits of the practice, and this wild life reside.

“Don’t be afraid of your fears. They’re not there to scare you. They’re there to let you know that something is worth it.” 
― C. JoyBell C.

With Love, Always, In All Ways, For Giving,



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