Thanks giving, two thousand and fourteen.

Looking into the crystalline November sky is a practice that grants perspective.  In the face of so much expanse, so many stars twinkling, such vast space, is the invitation to let go of the details and doldrums of everyday that might feel burdensome.  Sometimes.  The only thing we must remember is to look up!

When our stores of memory are full of begrudging thoughts and feelings, it is nearly impossible to feel grateful, but the scales tipping to more memories of joy and happiness allow gratitude as an attitude, to settle in as the norm.  Make a conscious effort to remember one thing you are grateful for each day, slowly filling the tray of your own memory scales with the guru presence of joy.  The diligence to remember and be present with what is just once a day will begin to tip the scales toward more feelings of abundance and gratitude.  That’s math at work for your state of peace and mind.

Gratitude is like a muscle in the human body.  It is a collection of many thought patterns and behavior, fiber-like and tangled together, which express in the form of potent energy.  Alone, a muscle is little more than tissue, but when in yoga, relationship and symphony, with the rest of the body, a muscle is an activator, expresser and electrical responding tool that determines much about the subtle experience of embodiment.  Muscular activity chomps up a huge amount of energy.  It is helpful to study the most efficient way to move, stand and rest to ameliorate extra strain that improper alignment, repetitive action and unconscious holding patterns lay on the body whole.  Same same, it takes an incredible amount of effort to hold on to feelings of lack.

Yoga asana is training in lightening the load of  a body’s extra-effort behaviors and allowing for the heart’s grateful spirit to lead the way into a practice of meditation and lovingkindness.  The simple discipline of bringing to mind one thing that brings feelings of gratitude builds the kind of deep integral core strength, rooted in thankfulness, that allows for less effort in all action.  And just like our physical musculoskeletal system, each small thought-bundle of fibrous satisfaction means more strength and facility for the entity.  The point is not to ignore what is a challenge, but to sweeten it all with consistent reminders of what is good, one flash of contentment at a time, until the scales are forever full and tinged with gold.

Building the happiest kind of muscle I know, Suki


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