Five Years of Shree

Wonderfully this weekend marks five years of Shree Yoga in Taos.  On this same hot weekend in July of 2009 we opened our doors for a weekend of free yoga to a spectacular response that continues to radiate it’s brilliant beauty in the walls of our studio to this day.

Naming our yoga studio Shree was a direct nod to our mission statement which is “To create a safe, nurturing and welcoming environment for people to gather and gain awareness through movement. Shree Yoga Taos is rooted in the celebration of intrinsic goodness, and the awakened spirit of an aware and aligned body. Shree Yoga Taos is a community space, designed to empower and uplift everyone who enters.”

Shree is the phonetic spelling of the Sanskrit word Sri which roughly translates to the sparkling goodness that is intrinsic in all things.  Sri is also used in titles, again I offer a rough translation of “Beloved Teacher or Beloved City”.  Sri is most prevelant in the season of summer and is the dominian of the Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess of abundance, prosperity, and the physical embodiment of beauty.  It was apropos that all things came together in perfect harmony so that the opening of Shree Yoga Taos was in the season of Sri, the season of the Goddess Lakshmi, and this glorious sparkling season of summer.

When we set out to bring our mission into a tangible reality it was our primary desire to stay in alignment with that which is intrinsic to all things, to always maintain our focus on the good in all things and all people, and to offer always the highest in our services.    It is in that same current that Shree not only opened during an economic downturn but has grown, and this spring was voted the Best Yoga Studio in Taos, what a compliment!  From the beginning Suki and I have often said we do not feel like “owners” rather, we feel as though we are the stewards of the space that belongs to all who fill it with their passions, desires, pursuits, sweat, love, and sometimes tears.   It is this sparkling twinkling life-enhancing quality of ever expanding goodness that has become Shree, and it is this Sri that we intend to celebrate wholeheartedly tomorrow marking the five beautiful thriving years of the awareness of awakened spirits in alignment with their highest within and without who have a few or many times crossed through the threshold of our doors.

We invite you to join us from 5:30-7:30 p.m. for a free class taught in tandem by Suki and myself.  If your feeling fancy join us and wear a fancy hat, fancy pants, your fancy face, and come play for fun and for FREE! (No fancy necessary to play!)

Looking forward to laughing, expanding, exploring, and enjoying living on and off the mat with you tomorrow, and any time you choose to visit Shree in the future.

Love always, in all ways, for giving, in joy,



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