Genevieve Continues The Spring Yoga Challenge, Class 16

Class sixteen marks the beginning of a new column on my challenge punch card, which means I am closing in on completion. This afternoon I marked this new notch with Clint’s noon Yoga Hour class and a room full of beautiful of like minded people as we were reminded by our fearless leader. Clint expressed how valuable community is for him and that at Shree even when we do not know the other people in the class they are a part of that special and ever expanding web.
Offering his students an opportunity to share in the experience of participating in community we were all invited to begin class with a short introduction of our names and what we are passionate about. All around the room were exclamations of passion for life, yoga, and higher qualities of being like saving the planet, creating beauty, and being outdoors. I shared my passion for love unconditionally and was happy to reveal myself so honestly.
We were then led through a class of shoulder opening back-bends which inevitably and energetically open the heart as well. I was surprised to find myself in savasana after what felt to me only a few short minutes of asana. Clint closed class with another invitation, this time the offering to share our passion this afternoon even if it was with just one person. I could not help but be delighted in the awareness of the recurring gifts Shree gives to its community, a web that that continues to grow and cover the planet, as our students are not just local. I also could not help but delight in knowing that my personal impetus to open Shree was deeply rooted in my desire to share the power of love and the incredible value of loving oneself!
Taking a walk, eating well, telling your truth, going to a yoga class or many, smiling at yourself in the mirror, smiling at strangers, laughing till you cry, crying when it really hurts, bathing in the glow of the sun, dancing and singing in the rain, feeling supported by a community of like minded people, these are all gifts of an ever present and unlimited unconditional love that is never beyond your reach.
Now with marks on a new column, less pain in my body, lightness in my heart, always more love, and a shining strong community of like minded people to support me, yeah, I guess I can say this yoga challenge thing pays off!
It still isn’t to late to start your own, and be greeted with warm smiling faces as you walk in our doors.
With love, always, in all ways and in joy, for giving,


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