Genevieve’s Spring Yoga Challenge, Class 15

Today is Earth Day, 4.54 billions years of Earth. As this beautiful planet tilts on her axis the days become warmer and longer and all the trees bud and bloom exasperating my allergies, now in full swing. This morning I awoke not only congested in my sinuses but also congested with a torrent of thoughts whirling through my head. In the company of my mildly cranky self I decided that a noon yoga class would not only bring me one class closer to completing my challenge, but also, it would more than likely bring me back into a sense of equanimity and ease.
Off to class I dragged myself. In her Yoga Hour class Suki led us through a sequence honoring this miraculous and generous planet we all call home. Using a variety of different breathing techniques and asana that guided us down from our heads and the element of Ether or Space through our bodies and the elements of air, fire, water, and into earth at the base of our spines. Through class I was led into that peaceful state I was hoping to experience on my way to Shree. It was a delight to notice the congestion in my head, physical as well as metaphysical had dissipated over the course of an hour. The breath exercises varied from breathing in and out through the nose to breathing in and out through the mouth and variables of breathing through nose and mouth, inviting us to observe the four elements with our breath. Not only did I experience the delight of clarity in my mind and sinuses, I also experienced a sweet enjoying of the beautiful dance between spirit and matter, between manifesting and sustaining creation as well as the slow earth like dissolution into a calm steady sense of wonder.
If you too find yourself wanting to feel more peaceful today than I want you to know it’s not to late to get a class in, Suki will be back at Shree tonight from 5:30 to 7:00 teaching what I am sure will be a very restful and grounding Gentle/Restorative class. However you have spent your day, I encourage you to, if you have not already, slow down for a moment and pause in gratitude for this miracle of a world you live on hurling through outer space, the fantastic wonder of your being and the billions of years of conscious intelligence that aligned just so for you to be here.
I stand upon her furtive soil in awe and wonder!
With love, always, for giving, in joy!


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