Genevieve’s Spring Challenge, Lucky Class Number 13

I have just returned home from my thirteenth yoga class in eighteen days!  After a wonderful day of rest and relaxation yesterday, today I felt recharged and ready for all things life has to offer.  My willing attitude served me this afternoon as Clint’s noon yoga class was an armbalancing extravaganza.

Clint opened class with a wonderful reminder, that we, each of us, are already perfect, and the practice of yoga is an unveiling of the boundaries of identitiy we have picked up over the course of our lives and wrapped around our already perfectness.  He reminded us that every movement we take on our mats is offering a prayer with our bodies.  As we sat and dropped into our breath my heart fluttered with delight as my mind allowed itself to release any ideas of right and wrong, good and bad, on and off the yoga mat, which echoed the yoga class I taught this morning.  It is Good Friday after all, and for me this marked day on the calender is a reminder to remember the ever present goodness in all things.

Through the duration of our hour, Clint told fantastic jokes and encouraged us to smile which inevitably upleifted the challenge being placed on the musculature of our upper arms, abdomines, and shoulders.  My favorite joke;

“How many yogis does it take to change a light bulb?”

“How many?”

“You are the light, silly!”

After numerous planks, chaturanga dandasana’s, downward facing dogs, crows, and side crows, I sweetly drifted off into the bountiful peace of savasana.  From savasana Clint’s melodic voice brought us back into our good and beautiful bodies through the ever present gift of our breath with a final invitation to breath in equanimity and love.

Walking home a lady bug landed on my still fluttering and full heart.  What a blessed and lucky gift it is to be alive I thought to myself, alive and present in it.   With every passing day of this yoga challenge and every passing class I fall deeper and deeper into this knowing.  Today is Good, and tomorrow will be as well, because I choose to make it so, no matter what appears.  This is a direct reflection of my discipline and the practice.  Like the lady bug, and Clint’s invitation to love, my heart has spread it’s wings in flight.

I hope you have a wonderfully GOOD Friday,

With love, always, in all ways, for giving,



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