Genevieve’s Spring Yoga Challenge Day 14, Class 11

This evening I enjoyed a rare event, yoga with my loving husband.  I spent the day with my mother and was surprised when I walked into Shree at 5:30 pm for Suki’s Gentle/Restorative Yoga class to find my good looking husband sitting on the bench inside the front door taking off his shoes.  Though I regularly invite him to join me for class, as well as encourage him to do more yoga, he does not often go take me up on my offer.  One thing I really love about our relationship is that we are interested in different things and our singular approaches to life including the tasks of taking care of ourselves are not the same.  It is because of these differences that over the past eight years we have had a very good time enjoying each others company adventuring into the others world.  This said, my husband is not as enthusiastic about yoga as I am and has shared with me this truth many times, that it is not uncommon for him to spend the majority of time in a yoga class working out the thoughts in his head, i.e. thoughts that he might enjoy himself more should he be elsewhere.  Despite this, Mr. Oswald, like almost all other people I know, no matter the experience on the mat, feels better for it afterwards, and this is why he continues to come to class, all be it sporadically.

In class tonight Suki invited us to relax and prepare for sleep after the big full moon and eclipse of last night, tax day, passover, and the Ides of April.  I almost always find Gentle/Restorative yoga to be a perfect platform for the practice of relaxing, surrendering, and letting go, and often enjoy a deep savasana at the end of class.  Tonight was slightly different from such previous experiences as I found myself surprised to notice everyone was moving at the end of class and I had not heard Suki call us out of savasana, I had fallen asleep.  This to me is a sign of a job well done on the mat, and perhaps also a sign that tonight I am tired.

Now after my surprise yoga date with my husband and a delicious dinner I will off to bed to enjoy the sleep I prepared so well for in class.  If all goes well I will wake up tomorrow to meet an exciting new day full of wonder, magic, and everything new, including another effort to rise to the challenge at Shree Yoga Taos.

Wishing you sweet dreams and lots of love,




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