Genevieve’s Spring Yoga Challenge Day 9, Class 8

As the days roll by getting myself to yoga inevitably gets harder.  Ask anyone who participates in the Spring Yoga Challenge and they will probably agree that scheduling 21 yoga classes into 30 days is hard no matter what physical shape you may be in.   Life is happening all the time and in our personal schedules are the things that require our attention outside of the work we are doing underneath our skin.  In this light I knew that if I did not make it to class this morning with Bonnie, I would not be able to make it to any class for the next three days, and loosing three days of yoga could be such a loss of momentum that though small, may break my ability to complete the challenge all together.  This I know from experience, as the days go by getting to class gets harder.

Commitment is the intention to follow through, and I have committed to the Spring Yoga Challenge, therefore I got myself out of bed and in the crisp air of the morning made it to Shree a minute late for class.  Personally I do not like to be late for anything, and there is an element of not showing up with our best foot forward in being late for class, but like I tell my students, it’s better to show up late, than not show up at all…for class and for ourselves.   Bonnie was kind in her welcome to my tardiness and though I always hesitate to do yoga so early in the morning, as my body is disgruntled to move more than in simple ways before the sun is higher in the sky, I truly enjoyed myself.   Bonnie’s Hatha Yoga class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7:30 to 9:00 a.m. is an all levels, moderately paced flow class of perfect delight.  I recommend it for people like myself who want to move and perhaps have aches and pains in their bodies earlier in the day, I also recommend it for anyone who enjoys being up in the early morning fresh air and likes moving their bodies at that time.   Beginning the day with movement and centering is a perfect way to set yourself up for a whole day of ease, inspiration, and joy.   These classes are great for anyone!

I followed up class this morning with an excellent massage, which I also recommend to those who do yoga, do not do yoga, are participating in the challenge or just contemplating it.  Receiving the loving care of another in a way that opens up the  channels of energy in your body is always good for you.  Yes, I have had a really nice day.  I know that getting to class before Sunday just isn’t going to happen for me, and in knowing this I can enjoy the rest in my body and look forward to my return to the mat.

Have a wonderful weekend.

With love, always, for giving,



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