Genevieve’s Spring Yoga Challenge, Day 5

Way back in 2009 when we opened Shree we decided we were going to make yoga as afforable as possible, this was the impetous behind the noon one hour classes.  We thought we could offer one hour classes at noon for (then) $5 in conjunction with the common hour and a half classes most yoga studios accross the country and around the world make available to their students.  At the time we had no idea how popular these classes would become and how appreciated it would be by our community to offer shorter yoga classes in the middle of the day.  Though we did have to increase the cost of the class to $6 over the years, we have found affordable shorter classes to be so valuable alongside the longer and also appreciated classes that we added four more.  Noon classes however, have found a special place in the hearts of many at Shree, including myself.  Breaking up the day with yoga is a perfect way to stay connected to oneself in the midst of life happening, so today I attended Liz’s noon yoga class.

The class was introduced with a quote, “personal awareness begins with radical self acceptance.”  Radical!  I love the word radical.  Its origins derive from the the Latin word for “having roots”.  To have ones roots in self acceptance is the catalyst for a continued unveiling of the awareness of self.

Simple in theory, yet sometimes the most challenging of all practices or philosophies to bring into action.

To be radically accepting of self is to understand that it is futile (Liz used this word in class and I so very appreciated it) to criticize or judge yourself on the mat in practice, and in the same tune, off the mat in your life.  To be radically accepting of self is to honor where you are, how you got here, and know that this is the stepping off place to where you are going, therefore, you are perfect as you are right now.  To be radically accepting of self is to cry even if others are watching, to laugh even if others are crying, and to be authentic even if the whole world disagrees with who you are.

For an hour we moved through vinyasa and standing poses to the sweetest music that carried me into the spaciousness of my heart and a continued acceptance of the sorrow that currently dwells there.  In the acceptance of the sorrow, is the understanding of why it is there which is fundamentally love, as well as a knowing that like all things in existence the current state of my feeling will change.

In self acceptance I know that it is enough to just be grateful to be me having the feelings, breathing and living, and having the experience.  Truly it is all there is.

I am amazed at the universe of awareness one can step into and know in only an hour.  What a gift it was to give myself that time during this day, and it is my continued hope that the noon hour yoga classes benefit all who attend in this most delight-filled way.

Enjoying the light of this evening, and offering gratitude for the daily rewards of my continuing Spring Yoga Challenge.

With love, all ways, for giving,




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