Genevieve’s Spring Yoga Challenge, Day 3

“Please put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others.”

This was the invitation at the beginning of Liz’s Gentle Yoga Class tonight at 5:30.  Liz reminded us that it was precisely what we were doing by attending class this evening, taking care of ourselves, before taking care of others.

I love Gentle and Restorative Yoga, especially since my fall down the stairs last summer and the disruptive experiences of discomfort in my body following that fall.  The calming, receiving, being with self relaxation, is an excellent opportunity to release tension, and bring ease to the places where there is pain (tension) and a dis-ease which is fundamentally just a lack of flow of energy.  To top it all off, Restorative Yoga is more often than not an excellent tool for calming the mind and leaving one peaceful for the duration of the day, if not week.  I know my husband truly appreciates the after effects of my efforts to experience a good yoga bliss, and this is essentially the manifestation of the true gift of putting the oxygen mask on before assisting another.  Loving yourself always allows you the space to be kinder and gentler with the other people in your life whom you love.

Liz also said in class tonight “Happiness is always a choice, one you can pick no matter how stormy the day.”  I agree with that sentiment wholeheartedly, and today I did my best to skillfully use all of my tools to choose my happiness in the midst of the storm outside and the storm in my heart.  Walking home I enjoyed the beauty of the glorious sunset which for me echoed the sweetness of my efforts to be happy in the storm and the gift of bliss after spending quality gentle loving time with self.

Hooray for Yoga!  For me it always helps.   Perhaps for you too?  If you are interested, you still have all of April to sign up for the Shree Spring Yoga Challenge and take your own journey into the universe of yourself. Perhaps I will see you on the mat.

Any which way you choose to be, I hope you too are enjoying this beautiful evening with those you love.

Loving you, all ways,



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