Unconditioning the Heart

What is it to have conviction?
The word conviction is rooted in the word convince, and derives from two Latin words con-with, vincere-conquer. Conviction is to be convinced without question, to hold steadfast to the belief of that which your actions stem.
Where we place our conviction lies completely and wholeheartedly on where we place our beliefs. If our fundamental belief is fear, than our actions will never have conviction. If our fundamental belief is that the universe is tirelessly conspiring in our favor, than no matter the circumstance, we will always have the conviction to proceed with courage. Spiritual practice demands self-awareness, knowing ones beliefs, knowing where one will stand with conviction and where one will not stand at all. Self-awareness is gained through the process of reflection, mindfulness, and continued study.
In yoga philosophy this practice has a name, Svadyaya. One practices Svadyaya each time one…

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